Infant Preschooler (-0 up to 4 years):
1. Alphabet Book 
2. Book with Toy or Other
3. Board / Cloth Book
4. Counting Book
5. Educational Book
6. Faith Based
7. General
8. Interactive Book
9. Picture Book
10. Rhyme Book / Poetry

Early Reader (4 to 8 years):
11. Early Reader Picture Book 
12. Early Chapter Book 
13. Chapter Book
14. Educational Book
15. Faith Based
16. Fantasy
17. Fiction
18. General
19. Historical Fiction
20. Music Book
21. Mystery / Thriller
22. Nonfiction
23. Rhyme Book / Poetry

Preteen (9 to 11 years):
24. Educational Book
25. Faith Based
26. Fantasy
27. Fiction
28. General
29. Historical Fiction
30. Mystery / Thriller
31. Nonfiction
32. Paranormal
33. Poetry
34. Science Fiction

Tween (11 to 12 years):
35. Educational Book
36. Faith Based
37. Fantasy
38. Fiction
39. General
40. Historical Fiction
41. Mystery 
42. Nonfiction
43. Poetry
44. Science Fiction / Dystopian

Middle School (13 to 14 years):
45. Educational Book
46. Faith Based
47. Fantasy
48. Fiction
49. General
50. Historical Fiction
51. Mystery 
52. Nonfiction
53. Poetry
54. Friendship / Romance
55. Science Fiction / Dystopian

High School (15 to 18 years):
56. Educational Book
57. Faith Based
58. Fantasy
59. Fiction
60. General
61. Historical Fiction
62. Mystery / Thriller
63. Nonfiction
64. Paranormal / Horror
65. Poetry
66. Romance (Age Apropriate)
67. Science Fiction / Dystopian

College (18 to 23 years):
68. Educational Book
69. Faith Based
70. Fantasy
71. Fiction
72. General
73. Historical Fiction
74. Mystery / Thriller
75. Nonfiction
76. Paranormal / Horror
77. Poetry
78. Romance
79. Science Fiction / Dystopian

Special Interest (All Ages):
80. Audio Books
81. Books with Audio
82. Craft Books
83. Cultural 
84. Environmental
85. Graphic Novels
86. Health / Self Esteem
87. Holiday
88. Inspirational / Visionary
89. Instructional / Guide Books
90. Mature Issues
91. Music Themes
92. Recipe Books
93. Short Story
94. Self Help

Best (All Ages):
95. Best Cover Design
96. Best First Book
97. Best Illustrator
98. Best Series (3 or more related books)
(At least one book from the series must be published no more than three years prior to the Award Entry Deadline)

International Book Award Categories
Eligibility requirements to enter your book in the Literary Classics Book Awards and Top Honors Book Awards programs are as follows:

Book must be published no more than three years prior to the Award Entry Deadline for Literary Classics International Book Awards   . . . and two years prior to Award Entry Deadline for all Top Honors Awards and Young Author Awards. (Cut-off is by calendar year in which book is published, not by actual publish date.)

-When entering a series, at least one book within the series must meet the cut-off.

- Self published and small press titles.

- Entry submissions by Authors, Illustrators, Publishers, Self Publishers and Agents.

- Digital Books in ePub or PDF format 

- Audio Books

- Books which do not have an ISBN 
  (Top Honors entries must have an ISBN)

- Galley/ARC copies, if final copy is not yet available.  (Top Honors entries may not be in galley/ARC format)

- Unedited manuscripts or works in progress.

- Books which are post-marked after the entry deadline. 
These titles may be held over for consideration for the following year's awards assuming the published date is still within the guideline requirements.

Books must be written for an English speaking audience. 
Some text may be in a foreign language when understood within the context of the book; but the majority must be in English.

Books may be entered into any categories where applicable. Books may be entered in CLC International Awards and Top Honors Awards simultaneously.  All materials must be postmarked within 10 days of the entry deadline.  We provide a grace period of 14 calendar days following the final entry deadline to allow for all entry materials to arrive. Literary Classics cannot be held responsible for entry materials which do not arrive within the allotted time-frame.  

All books entered become the physical property of Literary Classics.  Entry fees are non-refundable.

For more specific book award entry details please visit our CLC International Book Awards Entry Page or Top Honors Award Entry Page

Judging is based upon the criteria set forth by our highly selective committee which seeks to honor books promoting character, vision, creativity and learning, through content which educates and inspires youth audiences.

Our judging committee consists of experts with backgrounds in publishing, writing, editing, design, illustration, and book reviewing. 

One Gold and one Silver award will be selected in each category for the International Book Award. Each book award honoree will receive an award certificate and twenty sample seals.  Additional award seals will be made available for purchase.

All titles entered into the awards contest are eligible to be considered for the Literary Classics Seal of Approval. The Seal of Approval is an honor bestowed upon those titles which are exceptional in both content and quality.  Seal of Approval Honors are presented throughout the year on an ongoing basis.  For more information regarding the Literary Classics Seal of Approval program visit our About Page.

*In the event our judges determine that no entries submitted in any given category are deemed worthy of receiving the Literary Classics International Book Awards, or Top Honors Book Awards, Literary Classics reserves the right to consider qualifying books entered into other categories or to forfeit that category for the year under consideration.  
*In the case of any dispute pertaining to the Literary Classics Award, the decision of Literary Classics shall be final.  Award entry fees are non-refundable.
*All final scores and judging remarks are the property of Literary Classics and will not be made available to any award recipients, entrants, or outside parties.

$48 Nomination Fee 

*There is no fee to enter the Young Author Book Award

- Enchanted Page; Picture Book Award
- Eloquent Quill; Youth Fiction Award
- Words on Wings; Young Adult Fiction Award
- Lumen Award; Youth Nonfiction Award
Top Honors Award Categories
Best book written by a Young Author
(Must be 21 or under by date of publication)

1st category entry fee $95
Receive a discount for each additional category entered:
2nd category +$40
3rd category +$30
4th category +$20​
Best Series $175 (regardless of the # of books in the series)