The Literary Classics' Mission
At Literary Classics, it is our mission to honor excellence in children's and young adult literature, thereby encouraging a passion for reading while promoting education, imagination and character in the minds of young readers.  

The Latin text on the Literary Classics awards seal says it best.  Loosely translated, it states that classic literature is: The key to knowledge and creativity while promoting strong core values.

Continue reading below for more information on our Seal of Approval Program and our Book Review Program.  

Best of luck to you as we work together to promote your children's or young adult book!
The Literary Classics Team
Book Reviews
Literary Classics Seal of Approval
In no way ever does Literary Classics guarantee that a review of any book will be provided.  All reviews will be posted on our blog. For more information about our book reviews, please visit our book review page.  --Please note: due to the volume of books submitted for review we no longer provide an explanation as to why we did not choose to publicly review a book. 
Any book, or body of work, submitted to Literary Classics for review may be considered to receive the Literary Classics Seal of Approval.  There is no minimum, or maximum to the number of books which may be recognized with this honor annually. To see reviews of books which have been awarded the Literary Classics Seal of Approval, visit our recommended reading list.
Any body of work which is awarded the Literary Classics Seal of Approval may be adorned with the Literary Classics Seal of Approval Label.  Foil imprinted labels are available for purchase through Literary Classics.

About Us
Literary Classics and Children's Literary Classics Book Awards and Reviews were created by Taj Mahal Publishing, Inc., a division of Wildflower Press and publishers of Mud Pie Parenting Magazine, a Midwestern publication.  Long before Literary Classics was founded, the publishers of Taj Mahal Publishing, Inc. had already been providing reviews for children's literature.  

In 2009, after being in the publishing industry for over a decade, the editors of Taj Mahal Publishing, Inc. saw a need to help promote excellence in children's literature.  They soon realized the challenges in sorting through all the children's books on the market.  With the increasing number of books being released through the self-publishing market, it became apparent that, more than ever, people were in need of resources to help filter through all the books available to children and young adults. In 2010 Literary Classics was founded to provide an official forum for their review program which had naturally evolved into an awards program. With a focus on helping authors gain recognition for their work and providing individuals with a resource to help find the best in literature for children and young adults Literary Classics soon become a widely known and well respected book awards and review program.  

In 2020 Literary Classics put their awards program on an indeterminate hold.  At present, Literary Classics continues to provide free book reviews for children's picture books and continues to recognize excellence in literature through their Seal of Approval program.  

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